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Town Planning

Navigating council planning schemes can be a complex process with many technicalities, regulations and requirements which can be ambiguous and vary greatly depending on your specific site and circumstances.


When building new, renovating or adding to your existing property, you will generally always require Building Approval (or BA) for your development which is provided by a Private Certifier who assesses all of the building aspects of your development (e.g. compliance with the National Construction Code and all applicable design standards. 


In contrast, Town Planning regulations such as the Queensland Development Code and local council planning instruments set out rules for what can be built and where it can be built.  Town planning regulates things such as boundary setbacks, property uses, maximum building heights, site cover limitations and other specific regulations covered in each council's City Plan.  If your proposed development falls outside of any of the applicable town planning requirements, your project will trigger the need for an approval from council.  The type of approval will be determined by what regulations you don't comply with along with a host of other site-specific conditions applicable to your project such as property overlays and surrounding land uses.  If required, Town Planning approvals will need to be gained before your certifier is able to issue you with a Building Approval.

Uglystick Contracting aims to take the stress out of the town planning process by offering you an honest and practical appraisal of your project.  Not only can we assist with any applications that you may need, we are able to provide information on how you can reduce the applicable council requirements or even avoid a development application all together by making well-informed design choices up front.

We specialise in residential town planning applications but have the capabilities to assist with both residential and commercial applications.  We also work closely with several leading Private Certification companies and consultants, meaning we can provide a coordinated 'one-stop-shop' for your approvals.

We specialise in:

  • Siting Variations

  • Concurrence / Referral Agency Applications

  • Code Assessable Development Applications (Material Change of Use, Dual Occupancy)

  • Plumbing and Drainage Applications (Sewered or Unsewered)

  • Utility Connection Applications 

  • Minor Change Applications

  • Building Envelope Amendments

  • Build Over Asset (Build Over Sewer / Build Over or Near Stormwater) Applications

  • Operational Works

  • Vehicle Crossover Applications (Standard or Non Standard).

Uglystick Contracting can provide services for new builds, extensions, alterations and additions.  We can also assist you if you have received a Show Cause Notice from council.

We work with builders, developers, certifiers and directly with home owners (including owner/builders) and can provide a simple one-off service or full construction and approval coordination.


Why Choose Uglystick Contracting?

Uglystick Contracting provide more than just Town Planning.  We can coordinate your design, consultants, approvals, certification and post-approval construction management.  We pride ourselves on giving you a professional but personal service, tailored to suit your needs.  Whilst we love administration and paperwork, we hate the delays and costs that red-tape can cause our clients.    Providing the right information to council up front can save time and money as we understand what council needs from us to give your project the best possible chance at being approved in the shortest possible time.

We are locals - just like you!  Local council areas that we regularly work within include City of Gold Coast CouncilLogan City Council, Scenic Rim Shire Council, Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Ipswich City Council and Redlands Shire Council.

Selling or buying a home with an unapproved structure?

We can help...

Buying or selling a home is stressful enough when everything goes smoothly, but last-minute and unanticipated 'surprises' such as finding out that your carport isn't approved when your settlement date is looming can be a nightmare!


If you have found yourself in a similar situation where you have structures on your property that haven't been approved, don't panic!  We are here to help.  Our friendly team can put your mind at ease as they take care of the whole process from drafting, through to town planning approvals and certification, preventing unnecessary delays to your property settlement or the need to renegotiate your contract price.

Our packages can also be useful if you are thinking about renting out your property to ensure no actions can be brought against you for unapproved structures on your rental.


Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote for your next project!

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