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Why Choose Uglystick Contracting?


The principal of Uglystick Contracting has accrued over 13 years experience within the Queensland Construction industry and worked across most areas of construction including residential home construction, small builders through to mid and even top tier construction companies.  Our team brings together a diverse and useful skillset, including, drafting, project management, events management and paralegal services, just to name a few!  This range of work has given our business experience across most aspects of construction administration and the various challenges faced by each segment of the construction industry.  We are also qualified, insured and QBCC licenced to undertake all aspects of your project requirements.

Attention to detail...

When it comes to construction administration, there are many governing and often competing priorities, deadlines and compliance requirements.  Uglystick Contracting pride themselves on a high level of attention to detail to ensure that all 'i's are dotted and all 't's are crossed to help you meet your contractual, legislative and general business requirements.  We work to provide you a service that is tailored to your needs and meets the specific needs of your business or project.

We know what's needed to be done and we get it done!

Sometimes by the time you are able to identify that you need help, you are already so busy it is difficult to find the time to organise the right assistance or spend the time to train up a new person in your business.  The Uglystick Contracting team have a special talent for being able to jump straight into the trenches with you, identify the most important priorities without requiring training or significant time input from you and start delivering practical solutions straight away.  You will feel the value of our services immediately, bringing a fresh pair of eyes and hands to your project, ready to relieve your stress and help you catch your breath!

Professional but approachable...

Whilst we hold ourselves to the utmost professional standards in our work and communications, our team are all very friendly, personable and will work with you and your team to deliver the outcomes you need.  We aim to make your feel like we have always been apart of your team!

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